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【毕业论文】市场营销外文翻译--创新是一个好办法,以维持市场的存在.doc 10页

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Innovation Is a Good Way to Maintain Market Presence The Jumbo-Koter venture is a good example of the development of a successful new product by solving a consumer problem. The Wooster Brush Company identified the difficulty that painters were having because their minirollers were sticking after a few uses. The new Jumbo-Koter mini-rollers solved that problem by using a smooth-turning cage frame. Wooster Brush further improved these mini-rollers by using high-quality fabrics from its highly successful nine-inch rollers. Finally, by not extending fabric over the end of the new mini-rollers, Jumbo-Koter enabled the painter to get into tighter spaces than with traditional mini-rollers. This also prevented paint from spinning off onto another surface. One lesson to be learned from the Jumbo-Koter program is that innovationis a good way for a company to maintain its presence in the marketplace. The Wooster Brush Company has made a notable effort to continue to innovate, developing truly beneficial products in a very stodgy, old-fashioned business for many years. The Jumbo-Koter product line is a good example of this. This continuous innovation has enabled the company to compete successfully without participating in industry price wars. At the time of this writing, the Wooster Brush Company was in the process of developing additional new products to meet the paint application needs of its customers. Summary Marketing Plan for: Wooster Jumbo-Koter TM Wooster Brush Company MARKETING PLAN SUMMARY BACKGROUND. Many painters have problems with their mini-rollers. Because these rollers are smaller than traditional rollers, they are great for getting paint into tight places and corners. On the other hand, the small size of the roller sometimes causes it to stick after a certain number of uses. Painters often become frustrated when they have to drag a stuck mini-roller down a wall. This consumer problem led to a whole new product line called the Jumbo-Koter, and to a mark


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