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第1课 A: Do you have a date for the party yet? B: Actually, I don’t. Do you think you could help me find one? A: Hmm, what kind of guys do you like? B: Oh, I like guys who aren’t too serious and who have a good sense of humor. You know, like you. A: Ok, what else? B: Well, I’d prefer someone I have something in common with-who I can talk to easily. A: I think I know just the guy for you. Bob Branson. Do you know him? B: No, I don’t think so. A: Let me arrange for you to meet him, and you can tell me what you think. A: So, what’s the verdict? What did you think of Bob? B: Well, I was worried at first especially when I saw that he wears not one but two earrings. I thought he might turn out to be one of those guys who are into heavy rock music and stuff like that. You know what I mean? A: But he’s just a regular kind of guy, right? B: Yeah, we got along really well! A: I just knew you’d like him. B: Yeah, I do, and he’s really funny. He had me laughing hysterically during dinner. I think the people sitting next to us in the restaurant thought we were crazy. A: So, are you two going to get together again? B: Definitely, in fact, we’re going to a concert tomorrow night. A: That’s great. 第2课 Andrea A: So, have you seen Andrea lately? B: Yeah, I see her pretty often. We work together at a café latté. A: How’s she doing, I’ve been meaning to call her. B: Well, to be honest! I’ve always thought she’s a little difficult. But these days, I find her impossible. A: What do you mean? B: Oh, you know how she is. She has strong ideas about everything. And if you don’t agree with her, she lets you know what she thinks of you. A: Yes, that’s true. But that’s why we love her, right? B: Yeah, I guess so. But she’s changed a lot since she started college. She talked about herself all the time and she always manages to mention how good she is at everything she does. A: Hmm. Maybe I won’t call her after all. 2. James A: Are you going to James’s party on Saturday? B: Of cours


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