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Like Water For Chocolate she emerged, maybe that was because she by knew then that it would be her lot in life to be Laura Squalevella denied marriage. The way Nancha told it, Tita was literally washed into this world on a Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd); great tide of tears that spilled over the edge of the table and flooded ISBN: 0553472550 across the kitchen floor. Copyright 1994 That afternoon, when the uproar had subsided and the water had been dried up by CHAPTER ONE. the sun, Nancha swept up the residue the tears had left on the red stone floor. JANUARY. There was enough salt to fill a ten-pound Chrutnuw Ro/ INGREDIENTS 1 can of arOin sack-it was used for cooking and lasted a 1/2 choriw aaye oreyano 1 can long time. Thanks to her unusual birth, Tita of chitej rrano 10 haro ro felt a deep love for the kitchen, where she spent most of her life from the day she was PREPARATION: Take care to chop the born. onion fine. To keep from crying when you chop it (which is so annoying!), I suggest you


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