take、spend、pay、cost的课下练习题及参考 答案.doc 8页

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take、spend、pay、cost的课下练习题及参考 答案.doc

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    take、spend、pay、cost的课下练习题及参考 答案

    take、spend、pay、cost的课下练习题 一、用几种不同的表达方式翻译: 这件外套花费了我100元。 1.__________________________________________ 2.__________________________________________ 3.__________________________________________ 4.__________________________________________ 二、单项选择: 1. I?have?to? ?them?20?pounds?for?this?room?each?month. ?A. pay B. paid C. cost D. took 2. They spend too much time the report A. writing B. to write C. on writing D. write 3. --What beautiful shoes you’re wearing! They must be expensive . --No,they only——l0 yuan. A.spent B.took C.paid D.cost 4. --Will you please for my dinner, Peter? --Sure! A. spend B. pay C. cost D.take 5. It will me too much time to read this book. A. take B. cost C. spend D.pay 6. This?science?book?____?me?a?great?amount?of?money.?  A.?took? B.?cost? C.?used? D.?spent? 7. May?I?borrow?12?yuan?from?you??I'll? ?it?back?next?week. ?A. take B. cost? C. pay D .spend 8. I? ?two?hours?on?this?maths?problem yesterday.? ?A. take B. cost? C. pay D .spent 9. Repairing?this?car him?the?whole?afternoon.?? A. took B. cost? C. pay D .spent 10. ----How do you come to school? ----By bike. Taking a bus may _____ much money. And walking ______ too much time. A. take; pays B. cost; takes C. pay; costs D. pay; takes 11. She usually ________ much time shopping in the supermarkets. A spends B costs C takes D pays 12. American students spend ________ time _________ homework than Chinese students. A. fewer, doing B. less, to do C. less, doing D. least, doing 13. This kind of computer _______ too much. I can't afford one. A.takes B. spends C. pays D. costs 14. It will ________ us several years to learn a foreign language well. (09无锡) A. cost B. take C. spend D. use 15. Since June 1st, 2008, when we want plastic bags in the supermarket, we have to ________(付款) them. (09连云港)


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