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    SECTION 1 Time: 30 Minutes 60 Questions This section includes two different types of questions: synonyms and analogies. There are directions and a sample question for each question type. Directions: Each of the following questions consists of a word in capital letters followed by five words or phrases. Select the one word or phrase that means most nearly the same as the word in capital letters. Sample Question: ESSENTIAL: (A) dire (B) confusing (C) vital (D) expert (E) honest Correct Answer: C 1. NOVICE: 4. GENRE: (A) burden (A) proposal (B) agreement (B) category (C) beggar (C) purpose (D) beginner (D) principle (E) expression (E) generation 2. FABRICATE: 5. SUMMIT: (A) stitch (A) conference (B) fasten (B) valley (C) falsify (C) essence (D) deter (D) nadir (E) decorate (E) outline 3. FRIENDLY: 6. DEFTLY: (A) congenital (A) wilfully (B) amiable (B) closely (C) sanctimonious (C) quickly (D) ambivalent (D) randomly (E)


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