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1、Background Enterprise tax risk refers to "the possible loss of the future benefits of the enterprise as a consequence of that the enterprise's tax-related behavior is not correctly and effectively compliance with the provisions of the tax law." The tax-related matters of an enterprise exist in all aspects of the enterprise's business activities. Poor tax risk management may bring great losses to the interests of the enterprise. Controlling and preventing tax risks has become an important issue in the current enterprise management. 2、Aim 1) To establish a comprehensive and effective basic information system to reduce the tax risks existing in the production, processing, transmission and preservation of tax information. 2) To make the risk control process and set up the risk control points. In the overall management control system, to formulate the tax risk response strategy, reasonably design the tax management process and control methods, and set up the tax risk control points. The preventive control and discovery control mechanism are supposed to be established by means of manual or automatic control mechanism. 3) To track and monitor risks and plan tax risk response strategies. 3、Novelty At present, the researches are mainly based on the government's own tax interests on the basis of the tax source supervision mechanism and enterprises lack of effective internal tax risk information management system. 4、availability With the extensive application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other information technology, the business model of enterprises is becoming more and more virtualized, which has changed the external environment of financial work. The existing financial model will be completely subverted. Big data put forward higher requirements for financial data processing and application. Big data's application will inevitably lead to the innovation and reform of financial management model. And it means that the enterprise financial manage


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