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STEP BY STEP 3000 3 答案 Unit 1 World News: International Relations Part I Warming up A Tapescripts: 1. The former American Defense Secretary William Perry has recommended a radical change of policy towards North Korea. 2. Hundreds of thousands of mothers from across the United States gathered here in Washington Sunday to push for tougher gun control laws. 3. There's been further fighting between Macedonian forces and Ethnic Albanian guerrillas inside the Macedonian border with Kosovo. 4. A bomb dropped by the United State's navy aircraft during training in Kuwait has hit a group of military observers, killing six of them. 5. NATO is taking a number of steps to allay growing disquiet about the possible health risks from ammunitions containing depleted uranium, which it used in Kosovo and Bosnia. B 1. What is the summit's statement expected to call on UN members? To make commitments to eradicate poverty, promote democracy and education, and reverse the spread of AIDS . 2. Which three countries are admitted by ASEAN on Saturday? Burma, Cambodia, and the Laos. 3. What happened on Friday about ten miles south of Pearl Harbor? A U. S. nuclear submarine tore through a Japanese fishing vessel, sinking it within minutes. How many people were on the vessel? And how many were missing? 35/9. 4. What happened in the West Bank and Gaza? Gun battles between Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen have been raiding overnight. 5. What are the problems with the nuclear facilities and nuclear plants in Japan? Some nuclear facilities have breached many health and safety laws. More than half of the nuclear plants failed some basic tests, such as checking radiation measurements. Tapescripts: 1. With the final declaration on its role in the 21st century, the summit's statement is e


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