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Joe wanted a computer. He asked his (1)______ for the money and they said he must get it himself. But how did he get it? He (2)_____ about this when he walked home. Not many people wanted to asked children to work for them. Maybe he could take away snow for the neighbors. But this was not (3)_____. He had to wait a long time for that. He couldn't cut grass for their gardens(4)______ he had no tools to do the work with.   Then he saw one of his classmates, Dick .delivering (5)_________ . I could do that, he thought. Maybe I could even get the computer (6)______ away. I could pay (7)_____ it a little each week. He ran to (8)______ up with Dick. Joe asked him a lot of questions. He learned that it was (9)_______ to get twenty-five dollars each week. He learned that the job took (10)______ three hours each night. Dick (11)______ him the phone number of the newspaper manager.   Joe almost flew home. After he told his mother (12)_______ he thought, she (13)______. “I think it is a (14)_______ idea.” She said, ''I'll call the newspaper…”   “Wait, Mum,” Joe said, “I'll call. After that. I'm gong to be a businessman now.'   Joe's mother smiled (15)_______.   1. A. teachers B. parents C. classmates D. friends   2. A. said B. told C. thought D. spoke   3. A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter   4. A. because B. when C. while D. after   5. A. newspapers B. bikes C. computers D. tools   6. A. now B. right C. just D. only   7. A. on B. to C. of D. for   8. A. take B. catch C. carry D. get   9. A. friendly B. kind C. possible D. wrong   10.A. at B. about C. before D. after   11.A. taught B. gave C. made D. asked   12.A. that B. when C. what D. where   13.A. smiled B. shouted C. cried D. worried   14.A. big B. large C. great D. bad   15.A. sadly B. happily C. politely D. angrily 1.B. Joe肯定是跟他的父母要钱去买电脑的。   2


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