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广州深圳牛津版英语 八年级上练习 PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 7 Unit 1 Encyclopaedias I.根据要求写出相应的单词。 1. dinosaur (复数) ____________ 2. perhaps (同义词)____________ 3. invent (名词) ____________ 4. able (名词) ____________ 5. sudden (副词) ____________ 6. nobody (反义词) ____________ 7. win (过去式) ____________ 8. include (介词) _____________ 9. encyclopaedia (复数) ____________ 10. art (形容词) ____________ Ⅱ.根据句意,选出与橘子划线部分意思相同或者相近的答案。 ( )1. From an early age, John showed great interest in science. A. took B. had C. gave D. lived ( )2. Human beings were not able to go to Mars many years ago. A. Person B. Peoples C. Animals D. Men ( )3. That famous painting belongs to the tall lady. A. good B. beautiful C. well-known D. clear ( )4. I am sure that he has the ability to finish this. A. be able to B. is able C. could D. can ( )5. Those sheep grow fat and strong after summer. A. become B. turn to C. change D. go Ⅲ.单项选择题 ( ) 1. Don't stand _________ the window. It's too hot there. A. next door to B. next C. near D. far from ( ) 2. A(n) _________ is someone who is the first to think of or make something. A. musician B. scientist C. actor D. inventor ( ) 3. _________ he brought the books here, but I'm not sure. A. May be B. Perhaps C. Possible D. Likely ( ) 4.12 years ago, I _________ in this small village. A, born B. bore C. was born D. was bore ( ) 5. _____ the best student there can't work it out. It must be very difficult. A. Even B. Ever C. Because D. If ( )6. Which of the following is different from the other three words?


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