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2005级成人本科英语练习题 I. Vocabulary ( 从中选出一个最佳答案) 1. A good command of English ______ a lot of practice. A. depends on B. comes up C. depend upon D. comes upon 2. The animal eats, ______ leaves, a great deal of fruits. A. in addition B. in adding C. in addition to D. in add to 3. He ______ when the train stopped at a small station. A. got down B. got up C. got of D. got off 4. They refused ______ that a wrong decision had been made. A. to recognize B. to realize C. to know D. to say 5. They learned the same things, so they could help one another with their homework and ______ it. talk about talk at talk of talk with 6. She is, ______ , not a good student. at my mind to my mind of my mind on my mind 7. What you have spent this month ______ $500. are up to come to is to amounts to 8. Such a machine can make the best ______ about matching the right man with the right woman. conclusion theory idea decision 9. We haven’t ______ all the difficulties yet. done without cut down gone through got over 10. ______! There is a bus coming out. Look around Look forward Look out Look on 11. When the boys got old enough to learn trades in school, we wanted to ______ the old house. set up fix up make up turn up 12. Never put ______ till tomorrow what you can do today. out off up forward 13. The captain refused to hand ______ the command of his ship and was killed by the pirate. out in down over 14. After the American Revolution people from other countries came ______. in great deal in great sum in great numbers in great amounts 15. The ______ is a piece of land which is away from towns and cities. space country place village 16. We are bound to separate and say good-bye to each other ______. sooner and later later and sooner sooner or later later or sooner 17. The lowest 85% percent of the working population ______ just 9% of the total income. absorbed accepted received tapped 18. They felt rather ______ after they were beaten in the match. courageous encouraged discouraged encouraging


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