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牛津译林英语9上Uni1-2单元测试题含答案.doc 6页

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牛津译林9上Uni1-2单元测试题 姓名________班级_________得分________ 一、单项选择 (55分) ( )1. China is _______Asian country, not _______European country. A. a, an B. an, a C. a, a D. an, an ( )2. To us, a miss is ___________a mile. We can’t afford to make any mistakes. A. as good as B. as well as C. as many as D. as much as ( )3. His latest movie has won high ________from many people. A. price B. prize C. praise D. practice ( )4---Is there anything special in today's newspaper? ----Yes. It _____many people died in the typhoon yesterday. A. writes B. speaks C. says D. tells ( )5. He has failed in the maths test and looks sad. Let’s tell him some jokes to ________. A. pick him up B. give him up C. cheer him up D. wake him up ( )6. The boy looks nice____ white and the red sweater looks good _____the girl. A. with, on B. in, on C. on, in D. in, with ( )7. Some people prefer yellow when they hope for__________. A. money B. gift C. success D. health ( )8. ---Hurry up, _____you will miss the school bus. ---I know that, Mum. I’ll be ready in a minute. A. but B. and C. so D. or ( )9. When H7N9 bird flu first appeared, people didn't know______ doctors could cure it. A. if B. that C. what D. why ( )10. ---Why do you like going to Kunming for a holiday? ---Because the weather there is _____too hot ______ too cold. A. either…or B. neither…nor C. both…and D. not only…but also ( )11.---Can you tell me _________? ---He is kind and generous. A.what your friend likes B.what your friend is like C.what does your friend look like D.what does your friend like ( )12. Not only my friends but also I ____interested in football. A. be B. am C. is D. are ( )13. ---Are Mr. and Mrs. Wang living alone in the house? ---Yes, they have three s


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