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购物英语情景对话 Reception 接待   1. What can I do for you?  你要些什么? 2. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?(需要些什么?) 3.Are you looking for something? Choosing and buying选择与购买  Choosing 选择   1. I want a pair of shoes/a jacket.   我想买一双鞋/一件夹克。   2. I’d like to see some towels.  我想看看毛巾。 3. Show me that one, please.请把那个给我看看。 4. Let me have a look at this watch.   把这只表让我看看。 5. I’m just looking, thanks.  我只是看看,谢谢。 An attempt 试穿   1. I like this one. May I try it on?   我喜欢这一种。我能试穿吗? 2.Could you try it on please? How is it? 请试穿看看好吗?如何? Inquiry 询问  1. Do you have any on sale?  你们有什么特卖品吗?   2. Do you have…? 4. Can you get me one?  你们能补货吗? Size and color 尺寸和颜色 1. What’s your size? 2.The fit isn’t good.   尺寸不太合适。   3. It’s too big/small. 太大/小了。   4. How about this blue one? 这个蓝色的怎样?   5. It seems to fit well.????    好像蛮合身的。 6. Can I have a size larger? 可以给我一个大一点儿的吗? 7. Could I have a try?我能试试吗? Price 价格   1. How much is it ? 多少钱?   2. I’ll give it to you for 5250. 5250元美金卖给你。 3. Can you make it cheaper? 你能便宜点吗? 4 How much do I have to pay for it???  我要付多少钱? 5. How much are these ties??   这些领带要多少钱? 6. It’s expensive. Do you give discounts? 7. Is tax already included in this price?(这个价位含税吗?) Check 付钱 ?   1. How can I pay??????我要如何付钱?    2. Cash or credit card? 3. I’ll take this.????我要这个。 The others 其他 1. Take one’s measurement. 为某人量尺寸。   2. I think we’re out of your size.  我想你的尺寸(的衣服)已卖光了。 Dialogue 对话  1. A:Can I help you?   您想要买什么?   B:I’d just like to have a look .   我只想随便看看。   A:Do you like some apples?( Are you looking for some apples?) 你想买些苹果吗? B:Yes.是的。    2. A:Do you like this dress?你喜欢这种衣服吗?   B:I like the color very much. It’s a lovely dress, but it’s too small(tight) for me.   我很喜欢这种颜色,这件衣服很好看,但我穿太小(紧)了。   A:What about this one? It’s a lovely dress. Would you like to try it?   这件怎么样?这件很好看。你想穿上试试吗?   B:All right.   好的。   3. A:Can I try this on?   我能试试吗?   B:Yes. The fitting room is over there.  当然可以。试衣间在那边。     A:Give me a smaller size, please.   请给我拿小一点的。


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