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    * * * * * * * * * * 同行评审的类型 单向审查(通常用于多数期刊) 公开作者身份,不公开审阅人身份 双向审查(常用于社科类期刊) 双向身份均不公开 无审查 双方身份都公开 公开审阅(较为少见,只适用于一些期刊的尝试性探索) 对大众公开阅读 不同学科和研究团体的区别 编辑的目的就是为了获取客观并且高品质的审阅报告 * * 投稿前准备 仔细阅读目标期刊作者指南 遵循期刊风格: 大部分的稿件并没有达到期刊的基本要求(格式、架构等) 许多稿件可能在同行评审之前就被拒稿 避免仓促: 仔细校对 反复检测数据准确性 * 在线投稿系统 打开期刊首页 点击Submit an Article,进入在线投稿系统 * 不同的期刊会采用不同的投稿系统: ManuscriptXpress? Editorial Manager? ScholarOne? …… 在线投稿系统 * 编辑们看哪些地方? Cover Letter Keywords Figures Conclusion References Abstract “能否引发期刊相关读者群的兴趣?!” * 了解同行评审 Single Blind Review Double Blind Review Open Review Post Review 以Wiley期刊Advanced Materials为例,论文提交后,编辑部会在4-5个工作日内做初审评判(决定是否退稿)。评审阶段,一般会邀请四位审稿人。同行评审的时间大概在一个月左右。 不同的期刊可能会有不同的情况,编辑的目的就是为了获取客观并且高品质的审阅报告。 * 了解同行评审 作者可以做的: 提名评审人并避免利益冲突(Conflict of Interest) 不推荐那些有利益冲突的评审人 利益冲突包括:直接竞争者、同事、之前的学生及前导师 评审人需要做的: 指明任何利益冲突 及时回复 用可靠的证据证明推荐意见 提供建设性意见来改善稿件 * 同行评审报告示例:Author preferred reviewer’s comments The paper is really a good one. I strongly recommended for publication with the following correction In the methodology the year of the study should be specified. (Page 4; Line 27 to 30) 2. In the result section, after the table there should be description of the result in details (like not only the year of 2004) (Page 6; Line 13 to 30) * 同行评审报告示例:Editor selected Reviewer 1 Confidential Comments to the Editor ? I am not sure whether you want to give these authors a chance in publishing their data. It is a rather poor paper, and I have been trying to give some positive feedback, also by not rejecting it instantaneously. I do understand that you may want to reject it, however by giving these authors a chance we build on in the spirit of *****. Comments to the Author The first paragraph of the Introduction can almost be deleted, since it extensively discusses prevalence of diabetes in severel countries, which is not the topic of this paper. This also saves us a lot of unnecessary references. Why did the authors choose these age groups, and no


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