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★精品文档★ 2016全新精品资料-全新公文范文-全程指导写作 –独家原创 PAGE1 / NUMPAGES1 初中二年级英语下册期末卷子带答案 第I卷 I、单项选择。 1.She lives in a house,but she never feels . A. alone,lonely B. lonely,alone C. alone, alone D. lonely, lonely 2. I forgot to take the map. So I had difficulty ______the way. We had to ask the policeman for help. A. find B. to find C. finding D. found 3.We will go climbing as soon as the rain ________. A. stops B. will stop C. is stopping D. stopped 4.—May I ________ your CD player? —Sure. But you can only _____it for a week. A. borrow; keep B. borrow; lend C. lend; keep D. keep; borrow 5.I met a good friend of mine while I _____ on the street. A. walks B. walk C. was walking D. an walking 6. —Dear students, please read every sentence carefully. — _________you are, ______mistakes you’ll make. A. The more carefully; the fewer B. The more careful; the less C. The more carefully; the less D. The more careful; the fewer 7.We didn’t learn __________in this lesson. A. something new B. new something C. anything new D. new anything 8.I haven’t decided when _____ a holiday yet. A. took B. taking C. to take D. take 9.Tom ______the USA. He ________back in two months. A. has gone to; comes B. has gone to; will be C. has been to; comes D. has been to; will be 10.—They didn’t go to the park yesterday. —___________. A. So we did B. So did we C. Neither we did D. Neither did we 11.She finds _______hard to finish the work on time. She only has five minutes left. A. that B. this C. it D. its 12.He eats ________food, so he is _____fat. A. much too; too much B. much too; many too C. too much; much too D. too much; many too 13.—Is this your book? —No, it is ______book. It belongs to_______. A. his; his B. his; him C. him; his D. him; him 14.She used to ______ in the morning, but now she is used to ________ at night. A. read; read B. read; reading C. reading; r


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