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高一英语五篇完形填空专项训练及答案解析.docx 10页

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Fpg Fpg 1 One morning Raman, a true master of the art of archery (箭术), invited his favorite student to watch a display of his skill. The student had?36?this more than a hundred times before, but he still obeyed his?37. Together, they went into a nearby wood and reached a tall?38. Raman picked a rose flower and?39?it on one of the branches of the tree. He?40?opened his bag and took out three objects. his?41, an arrow and a white handkerchief. Raman stood one hundred paces from the spot where he had placed the?42. Facing his target, he?43?his student to blindfold (蒙住眼睛) him with the handkerchief. The student did as his teacher?44. “How often have you seen me practice the sport of archery?” Raman asked him?45. “Every day,” replied his student. “And you have?46?managed to hit the rose from three hundred paces away.” With his eyes covered by the?47, Raman placed his feet firmly on the ground and?48?the bowstring (弓弦) with all his strength. Aiming at the rose on the?49, he let the arrow fly. The arrow whistled through the air,?50?it did not even hit the tree, missing the target by a few meters. “Did I?51?it?” said Raman, removing the handkerchief from his eyes. “No, you missed?52,” replied the student. “I thought you were going to?53?me the power of thought and your ability to perform magic.” “I have?54?taught you the most important lesson about the power of thought.” replied Raman. “When you?55?something, concentrate only on that. No one will ever hit a target they cannot see.” 1. A.thought B.seen C.heard D.felt 2. A.teacher B.boss C.father D.monitor 3. A.wall B.tree C.pole D.house 4. A.buried B.educated C.signed D.placed 5. A.first B.now C.then D.finally 6. A.bow B.hammer C.apple D.knife 7. A.arrow B.shoe C.flower D.bag 8. A.advised B.expected C.encouraged D.asked 9. A.planned B.imagined C.requested D.promised 10. A.angrily B.calmly C.disappointedly D.sadly 11. A.never B.almost C.always D.also 12. A.cloth B.handkerchief C.paper D.leaf 13. A.drew back B.brought up C.held


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