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—__________________? — I expect to depart for Frankfurt on Sunday, September 1st, any time after 13:00 pm. 选择一项: A. How would you like to go B. Where shall I make hotel reservation C. When do you plan to leave? 正确答案是:When do you plan to leave —Hey Kyle, guess what! The boss is sending me to Europe for a marketing seminar next month.? —__________________You've been itching to go on a business trip for months. 选择一项: A. I am sorry to hear that. B. Great! You must be happy.? C. So what? 正确答案是:Great! You must be happy. Please ____________ an open return flight from Barcelona to Frankfurt. 选择一项: A. paper B. text C. book? 正确答案是:book Traveller's checks are generally ____________ small face value. 选择一项: A. at B. on? C. of 正确答案是:of Can you fill me ____________ ? I need some detailed information. 选择一项: A. in B. up C. out? 正确答案是:in 二、阅读理解/翻译/完形填空(题型随机)(共50分) 题干 阅读理解:根据文章内容,判断正误(每题10分)。 Traveller’s Check   Many of the banks and travel services in western provide a convenience for travellers by issuing traveller's checks. Travellers, when buying the checks, have to sign the checks in the presence of the bank or service clerks. During the trip, travellers can cash the checks from the agencies of the bank or the travel service whenever they need after their counter-signatures are recognized. A lot of travellers like to buy these checks as they don't have to take along much cash and worry about counterfeit signatures. The agencies will get back the money they have paid by sending the checks to the issuing offices.   ?   Traveller's checks are generally of small face value, such as ten or twenty dollars, or five or ten pounds, for miscellaneous payments. There is no time limit for their circulation period. It is very profitable for the issuing offices to finance the funds they collect by issuing traveller's checks because they not only receive a service charge from the check buyers, but they also don't need to pay any interest no matter how long the checks remain in circulation bef


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