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Lesson One Face to Face with Hurricane Camille I.   Las Vegas. Las Vegas city is the seat of Clark County in South Nevada. In 1970 it had a population of 125,787 people. Revenue from hotels, gambling, entertainment and other tourist-oriented industries forms the backbone of Las Vegas's economy, Its nightclubs and casinos are world famous. The city is also the commercial hub of a ranching and mining area. In the 19th century Las Vegas was a watering place for travelers to South California. In 1.855-1857 the Mormons maintained a fort there, and in 1864 Fort Baker was built by the U. S. army. In 1867, Las Vegas was detached from the Arizona territory and joined to Nevada. (from The New Columbia Encyclopedia ) Ⅱ.   1. He didn' t think his family was in any real danger, His former house had been demolished by Hurricane Betsy for it only stood a few feet above sea level. His present house was 23 feet above sea level and 250 yards away from the sea. He thought they would be safe here as in any place else. Besides, he had talked the matter over with his father and mother and consulted his longtime friend, Charles Hill, before making his decision to stay and face the hurricane.   2. Magna Products is the name of the firm owned by John Koshak. It designed and developed educational toys and supplies.   3. Charlie thought they were in real trouble because salty water was sea water. It showed the sea had reached the house and they were in real trouble for they might be washed into the sea by the tidal wave.   4. At this Critical moment when grandmother Koshak thought they might die at any moment, she told her husband the dearest and the most precious thing she could think of. This would help to encourage each other and enable them to face death with greater serenity.   5.John Koshak felt a crushing guilt because it was he who made the final decision to stay and face the hurricane. Now it seemed they might all die in the hurricane.   6.Grandmother Koshak asked the children


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