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答案家 Unit 01 > Textbook Study > Key to Book Exercises Listening and Speaking 1. 1) The master said, “To learn without thinking is unavailing. To think without learning is dangerous.” 2) The master said, “The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.” 3) The master said, “The wise take joy in water; the humane take joy in mountains. The wise are active; the humane are tranquil. The wise enjoy; the humane endure.” 4) The master said, “Walking along with three people, my teacher is sure to be among them. I choose what is good in them andfollow it and what is not good and change it.” 5) The master said, “They who know the truth are not equal to those who love it, and they who love it are not equal to those who delight in it.” Text A Reading Comprehension 1. (Paras. 1–2) Becoming a(n) good and responsible person (Paras. 3–4) Finding the sacred inthe relationships of ordinary life (Paras. 5–8) Leaning toward harmony as life’s ultimate value (Paras. 9–10) Helping people all over the world grow in the arts of becoming good people 2. A. b) in harmonious and respectful relations inthe workplace c) in being a gracious and hospitable host to guests e) in having a sense of inner self-discipline and restraint f) in being polite and respectfulto old people g) in being willing to give yourself to the needs of yourfamily B. b) seen inthe variety of foods on a dinnertable c) felt in mutually respectful relations with other people According to the author, harmony includes healthy disagreements and has a democratic spirit. According to Whitehead, the ultimate form of harmony is love. Language in Use 4. 1) harmonious 2) enrich 3) adopted 4) intense 5) restraint 6) dynamic 答案家 7) flexible 8) collapsed 9) exemplified 10) diversify 5. 1) equate with 2) at the expense of 3) at issue 4) is compatible with 5) speak of 6) is embodied in 7) be subordinate


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