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Bilopolskaya M. O.A. Parshina, research supervisor S. I. Kostritskaya, language advisor National Mining University SEPARATE STEPS IN ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION STRATEGY IN BUSINESS MARKETING Promotion in business marketing refers to the use of the promotional tools of advertising, publicity and sales promotion. Business promotional tools generally serve to strengthen the personal selling effort and can be very effective in paving the way for sales representatives, in introducing new products and product lines to both established and prospective customers, and creating a good-will between the selling and purchasing firms. Creating a successful business promotion campaign is not an easy thing to do, and one of the most important steps in this process is estimating how effective the future promotion campaign will be. Two of the most commonly methods of measuring the effectiveness are pretesting and posttesting, and responses to advertisements. Pretesting measures the subjects’ awareness of the product or service at issue through a series of questions about it, or a number of situations to which respondents react, thereby indicating their current knowledge about the product or service. In posttesting those who have been exposed to advertisement, publicity pieces, or sales promotion devices are questioned as to their aided recall, unaided recall, recognition, comprehension, believability and brand awareness in regard to the promotion. Traditionally, one more popular model of measuring the effectiveness o


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