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PAGE PAGE 1 BUSINESS PLAN TEMPLATE BUSINESS PLAN [My Company] 123 Main Street Anytown, USA 10000 123-4567 [Your Name] [DATE] TABLE OF CONTENTS TOC \t "Heading 1,1" Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc405791796 \h 1 Management PAGEREF _Toc405791797 \h 2 [Company] History PAGEREF _Toc405791798 \h 6 [Product/Service] Description PAGEREF _Toc405791799 \h 8 Objectives PAGEREF _Toc405791800 \h 10 Competitors PAGEREF _Toc405791801 \h 11 Competitive Advantages PAGEREF _Toc405791802 \h 12 Innovation PAGEREF _Toc405791803 \h 14 Pricing PAGEREF _Toc405791804 \h 15 Specific Markets PAGEREF _Toc405791805 \h 16 Growth Strategy PAGEREF _Toc405791806 \h 17 Market Size and Share PAGEREF _Toc405791807 \h 18 Targeting New Markets PAGEREF _Toc405791808 \h 19 Location PAGEREF _Toc405791809 \h 20 Manufacturing Plan PAGEREF _Toc405791810 \h 21 Research & Development PAGEREF _Toc405791811 \h 22 Historical Financial Data PAGEREF _Toc405791812 \h 23 Proforma Financial Data PAGEREF _Toc405791813 \h 24 Proforma Balance Sheet PAGEREF _Toc405791814 \h 27 Cost Control PAGEREF _Toc405791815 \h 28 Effects of Loan or Investment PAGEREF _Toc405791816 \h 29 Attachments PAGEREF _Toc405791817 \h 30 Executive Summary [My Company] was formed as a [proprietorship, partnership, corporation] in [Month, Year] in [City, State], by [John Doe] in response to the following market conditions: [Startup, growth] opportunities exist in [Product/Service]. The need for use of efficient distribution and financial methods in these overlooked markets. [I/We] have several customers who are willing to place large [orders,contracts] within the next three months. Several other prospective [customers/clients] have expressed serious interest in doing business within six months. [I/We] previously owned a company that was active in the widget markets. Over the past few years I spent much time studying ways to improve overall performance and increase profits. This plan is a result of that study. The basic c


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