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2018年中考英语全国各地七大热点专题突破训练(含答案和范文).docx 72页

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中考英语热点专题突破训练 专题一:单项填空 专题二:完形填空 专题三:阅读理解 专题四:补全对话 专题五:任务型阅读 专题六:单词拼写 专题七:书面表达 单项填空 (一)(2017年河北中考) 1.—Is this Kate's bicycle? —No, ________ is under the tree. She put it there this morning. A. his B. hers C. mine D. yours 2. Just walk down this road and you'll see the museum ________ your right. A. on B. in C. at D. by 3. Eating dumplings at the Spring Festival is ________ in China. A. patient B. lucky C. possible D. traditional 4. Grandfather lives with us. We all ________ him. A. look at B. look for C. look after D. look like 5. I have travelled a lot. I ________ speak four languages. A. can B. may C. must D. need 6. Don't take the dictionary away. I ________ it. A. use B. used C. am using D. have used 7. Mr. Liu is a really nice person the ________ person I know. A. nicer B. nicest C. happier D. happiest 8. Wow! You ________ dinner! Let's eat now. A. cook B. are cooking C. will cook D. have cooked 9. Mom won't let Dick go out ________ he promises to be back by 10:00 tonight. A. if B. when C. since D. unless 10. Hangzhou ________ as the City of Silk. Tourists like shopping for silk there. A. knows B. is known C. was known D. will be known (二)(2017年鄂州中考) 1. —The dishes in this restaurant must be very expensive. —Don't worry. You can enjoy yourself. It's my _________. A. time B. treat C. task D. taste 2. —How old is your son? —_________. We had a special party for his _________ birthday yesterday. A .Nine, nine B. Ninth, nine C. Nine, the ninth D. Nine, ninth 3. —The town of Huarong _________ a lot in the past five years. —That's true. It's becoming more and more beautiful. A. changed B. has changed C. had changed D. is changing 4. —He didn't go to school late yesterday, did he? —_________, though it rained hard yesterday. A. No, he didn't B. Yes, he didn't C. Yes, he did D. No, he did 5. —I had a pleasant trip last week. —_________. A. Oh, that's very kind of you


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