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* * Import One-time import of data with best-effort mapping between models Connector Designed for developers who want to use the fully integrated Jazz SCM, but need to connect into a “mother ship” SCM system. SCM artifacts are replicated/synchronized between the Jazz SCM and the “mother ship” SCM Useful for pilot projects/staging migration to RTC – not all teams need to move at the same time. Allows teams to begin using RTC in the context of requirement to maintain master source code in a different SCM system. The team that is using RTC in this scenario is gets the full benefit of the tight Jazz SCM integration. Coexistence Designed for developers who can’t or don’t want to switch SCM’s: You continue using your favorite SCM client and server (with all its features and problems) RTC CDE installs “beside” SCM client Limited integrations depending on particular SCM client e.g. linking, client-side process integration. Inferior to native Jazz SCM integration due to implementation limitations and the fact that server side is not integrated (example: Subversion and and other SCMs don't support process enactment for SCM operations. If you want that, you have to get your SCM from us) Jazz SCM can be optionally available to try out for possible upsell (packaging decision) * * Open, eclipse myway, rup * Target Interop Scenarios Supported with Rational Team Concert v1.0 * Import Co-exist Connectors CVS or SVN repository Bugzilla repository Rational Team Concert v1.0 Provide capability to import from tools into RTC v1.0 (RTC has master copy) Subversion repository Rational Team Concert v1.0 Integration with the SVN repository with the Collaborative development capabilities of RTC (Workitems, Build) (Source SCM has master copy) ClearCase (Base CC and UCM) ClearQuest (includes CQ enabled UCM) Rational Team Concert v1.0 Bi-directional Synchronization (Source SCM has master copy) * Builds – scheduling or build on demand Define project builds and register build engines to submit


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