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北语作业系统--19春《高级英语(II)》作业_3 一 单选题 1 bias A prejudice A conceit 正确答案: 满分:4 2 Every Sunday evening there is a ____ of people around the pavilion in the park since it has become a regular site for an English corner. A congruence A congratulation A congress A congregation 正确答案: 满分:4 3 whole-heartedly A raptor A raptly 正确答案: 满分:4 4 The mere fact___ most people believe nuclear war would be madness does not mean that it will not occur. A which A that A why A as 正确答案: 满分:4 5 You comments__ my work have proved to be helpful. A in A for A on A against 正确答案: 满分:4 6 But so far legislators ___ paid much attention. A has not A have A have not 正确答案: 满分:4 7 Is___ true that the famous scientist will give us a lecture next week? A that A it A his A he 正确答案: 满分:4 8 parse A pass A analyze 正确答案: 满分:4 9 make it A be successful A just do it 正确答案: 满分:4 10 obligation A obvious A duty 正确答案: 满分:4 11 Not only does___ sun give us light, but also it gives us energy. A the A a A an A / 正确答案: 满分:4 12 confer A give in A look into A turn up A talk over 正确答案: 满分:4 13 I told him to go to a doctor, ___ advice he took. A whose A what A of which A which 正确答案: 满分:4 14 Jane ____ her sister; she’s always cheerful. A takes for A takes in A takes after A takes on 正确答案: 满分:4 15 nursemaid A nanny A mummy 正确答案: 满分:4 16 European football is played in 80 countries, ___ it the most popular sport in the world. A making A makes A made A to make 正确答案: 满分:4 17 A number of students___ against the plan. A has been A was A are A being 正确答案: 满分:4 18 pristine A chained A frequent A thrilled A primitive 正确答案: 满分:4 19 ___ as it is at such a time, his work attracted much attention. A Being published A Published A Publishing A To be published 正确答案: 满分:4 20 pay careful attention to A heed A heal 正确答案: 满分:4 二 判断题 1 Computers will play a prominent role in many aspects of school education. 对 错 正确答案:B 2 From the point of view of the author, reliab


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