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27 48 49 50 51 53 54 56 57 59 61 23 24 25 26 Core Truths 6. Kleenex “knows you” (cont) “Kleenex is like a mirror that reflects me...” (Mexico) “Kleenex is a reflection of all the little things in life that are important to me.” (Australia) Core Truths 7. Kleenex never “takes over” Kleenex 从不“强取” “She provides soft comfort to the vulnerable around her. Her silent strength exudes character and confidence.” (Malaysia) “True strength can afford to be delicate.” (South Africa) “Like an honorable gentleman... whose noble cause it is to serve everyone else.” (Colombia) “Kleenex embraces me with the softest hand to reassure me.” (Korea) Core Truths 8. Kleenex says “everything’s going to be fine” Kleenex 说“一切都会好起来的” “For better, for worse, in illness and in health, Kleenex will be there for me.” (Costa Rica) “A cherished dose of hygiene and comfort that makes sure I get it all sorted.” (U.K.) “Each reach for a Kleenex is a moment of trust that things are well in hand.” (North America) “Kleenex gives you back your “clean” look; socially reborn.” (Brazil) “Whenever you need her, Kleenex will be there.” (Taiwan) Core Truths 1. Kleenex is a global “Trustmark”. 全球性的“信任标志” 2. Kleenex means “clean”. Kleenex 意味着“干净” 3. Kleenex has “always been there”. Kleenex “一直伴随着我” 4. Kleenex evokes the fondest memories. Kleenex “唤醒最深的记忆” 5. Kleenex means “home”. Kleenex 象征着“家” 6. Kleenex “knows you”. Kleenex “了解你” 7. Kleenex never “takes over”. Kleenex 从不“强取” 8. Kleenex says “everything’s going to be fine”. Kleenex 说,“一切都会好起来的” Bottom-up works Our teams around the world are good at this! There are truly Global Brands - Kleenex is one It takes special skills to lead this process globally Our brand print composers are a precious commodity What we have learned DOVE多芬 BrandStewardship Dove A successful U.S. Brand for 40 years 一个40年的成功美国品牌 A global Mega-brand in just 3 years 仅用3年成为全球大品牌 76 countries in 4 years 4年内进入76个国家 No. 1 in North America and Europe 北美和欧洲的第一品牌 Dominant


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