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离心式压缩机润滑油系统温控阀的静动态特性研究-化工过程机械专业论文.docx 67页

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兰州理工大学硕上学位论文 兰州理工大学硕上学位论文 摘要 Abstract In hydraulic systems where the power consumption iS large,losses components will 1ead tO undesirably elevated.A highly elevated oil temperature is undesirable since the oil may deteriorate and mechanical and lubrication problems may arise if the viscosity becomes too low.In attempting to control the oil temperature,hydraulic systems are often equipped with a self-operating temperature controlling valve(SOTCV)controlled exchanger.The possibility of simulating fluid and component temperatures in oil temperature—control systerns js important to avoid malfunctions and optimize the equipment and will lead to a better understanding of the thermal considerations that must be taken in the SOTCV design. The self-operating temperature controlling valve(SOTCⅥis fed by two fluid pipes, supplying hot and COOl fluid.The device incorporates a valve with mechanical feed—back for mixing hot and COOl fluid to a desired temperature.The mixing fIuid flows past a temperature sensitire actuator consisting of a phase—change wax matefial in a brass enclosure,making the position of actuator piston a function of the actuator temperature. 111e actuator acts on the sp001.thus compensating for discrepancies in the mixing fluid temperature。Possible over-shoot in dynamic response is damped when the mixed fluid flows throl:【gh volumes before leaving the valve. The study includes the understanding of the governing principles of the regulator, stationary as well as dynamical.and involves fluid.flow,heat transfer,thermodvnamic and centrel principle considerations.Emphasis iS put on both the stationary characteristies and the dynamic performance. A computer model of the mixing valve based on simulink iS developed in order to calculate temperature,and flow at several 10cations in the valye as a function of time. The temperature depends on the thermodynamic change of the fluid due to the heat trausfer to the surroundings and the onergy transpoft in the fluid.The si


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