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幼儿英语教案关于actioms范文 篇一:剑桥英语特长班教案 剑桥英语特长班教案教案 剑桥英语特长班Week1 Greetings 一、Teaching aims and demands: 1)can use simple English greet others 2) can say“Good morning!” “Good afternoon “Good evening” 3) Can read the new words about letter A a 4) can speak out the sentences of part 7 二、Important and difficult points: What?s this? It?s the letter Aa. Good morning!Good afternoon! Good evening. Hello! Hi! 三、Teaching Steps : Step1 Greetings: Good morning /afternoon! Boys and girlshow are you today? …… Ask one student to stand up and say Hello to him or her .and encourage him or her to answer “hello!” Then ask some other students to practice this sentence. Step 2:Call their names and say hello to them.Hello Ming MingHello, Dan Dan. Hello Fang Fang ?? Step 3: Presentation Show the students some pictures about morning and ask, what?s the picture say? Morning, Yes, its morning teach the new word. Then show another picture and then teach the word afternoon and the same way to the word evening. Step 4: After learning the short sentences, we will learn an English song, teach the song and practice in groups or in pairs Step 5: show a model slide Do the exercises on page 4 of the students? book 2) match them 3) Good morning Hello! Good night. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good morning. Hello! Good night. Good afternoon!Good evening. 剑桥英语特长班Week2 My classroom 一、Teaching aims and demands : *They can understand some simple actions and do it ; *They can do “Stand up “”Sit down”,” Come here “, “Go back “., * Can understand the meaning of “up “and “”down”. *Can read B b and some new words about Bb *Can read the sentences of part 5 二、Important and difficult points What?s this? Stand up.Sit down.Come here.Go backHands pencils cat tiger dog mouse rabbit 三、teaching method: 本单元的教学重点是游戏,通过大家一起做动作来学习英语,也就是我们常说的,“玩中学,学中玩”。教师一到课堂里就可以边做手势边说,Now ,stand up ,sit down, Sta


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