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高校英语教案 篇一:大学英语教案 范本 全新版《大学英语》教案 课程名称: 大学英语(一级) 专业: 本校05普通本科 年级: 2005 学年: 2005-2006 学期: 第一学期 任课教师:全新版《大学英语》板块任课教师 Course Schedule Aims: 1. Developing Ss’ ability of independent learning to be automatic learners. 2. Enhancing Ss’ ability in using English: improving Ss’ five micro-skills— listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation — especially listening and speaking so that they can communicate in spoken and written English. Required course materials: 1. College English ; grasp the main idea Students listen to the recording and do the pre-reading task on page 2 of their book. Suppose you were the writer, would you enjoy writing “The Art of Eating Spaghetti / noodles”? Why / Why not? b) Why does the author enjoy writing this? In which paragraph lies the answer? c) Look at the title and find out in which paragraph a similar phrase appears. Read this paragraph and explain in your own words what the author means by saying “write for myself.” 3) Main idea and text organization From which point on does the author start talking about his new experience? b) Where does he stop writing about this new experience? Do Text Organization Exercise on P. 9. 4) Text analysis What details are selected to show “I’d been bored with everything associated with English courses”? b) What details are given to show that Mr. Fleagle was dull and rigid? c) By which sentences does the author manage to give us the impression that his essay was very good? 2nd Period 1) Text Analysis Repetition: Please think about the following questions: The author is also very good at avoiding repetition by employing synonymous words and phrases. Please look for synonyms of the following words and phrases. 1) tedious 2) write3) anticipate4) prim 5) recall 6) recapture7) delight8) contempt 9) topic 2) Language points ; bore; anticipate; rigid; severe; tackle; face up to; scan; recall


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