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幼儿英语教案what,are,you,doing? 篇一:What are you doing幼儿园大班英文教案 教 育 活 动 计 划 篇二:幼儿英语教案What_do_you_want What do you want 一、Teaching background In daily life, children have been familiar with drinks and can use Chinese. But young children express in English difficult. With young children around familiar drinks to inspire children's desire to learn English.So, I choose the most familiar four drinks as the key word of this activity,Allowing children to use “What do you want” to communicate,and close to early childhood. 二、Teaching object 1、Cognitive objectives: Understand and master drink words:milk、juice、tea、water. 2、Ability objest: Preliminary use dialogue:what do you want? I want …… 3、Emotion object: Perceive new sentence patterns in the game and experience the joy of the game of English. 三、Teaching focus and difficulties Teaching focus: Make the kids acquire the milk、juice、tea、water words and use them in real life. Teaching difficuleies: Make the kids corretly pronounce and in life. 四、Teaching aids Material preparation:pictures for drink、Physical preparation(bottles);Plastron;real drinks;cups Psychological preparation:Teachers and children have a peace of mind 五、Teaching Procedure (一)GREETING T:Hello!Boys and girls,I am Miss Zhang. C:Hello,Miss Zhang. T:Oh!I feel very happy to see you today!So,are you ready to play? C:Yes! T:Ok!Everybody stand up please! Follow me! Warm up: Shake shake up Shake shake down Shake shake shake shake Let’s turn around ;Shake shake up Shake shake down Shake shake shake shake let’s turn around T:Oh, You are so good!,sit down please. T:Are you thirty after the playing?Look!There is a drink shop.Let’s have a look. C:I want…… 1、“话剧表演” Rule:老师给三分钟的时间给孩子们做准备,然后请三组进行表演,看谁的表演是最好的,将奖励老师独家送出的小礼物! 2、“实战检验” Rule:请学生拿出练习册,给孩子们五分钟的时间做第二课时的题目,老师事先将磁带倒好,然后让孩子们保持安静做完。老师讲解的时候要请学生起来回答,如果不会,就请知道的孩子回答,没有人知道的,老师就一定要重点讲解,尤其是语法部分,并强调让孩子们做好笔记。 Blackboard design: P


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