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高教版中职英语基础模块1教案 篇一:中职高教版英语1基础模块riod 6 Real Life Skills ——What will you do at the emergency? Period 7 Further Reading and Unit Summary Period 1 Warming up and Discussion Teaching Aims: 1. Be familiar with the topic “danger and safety”. 2. Recognize the safety signs. 3. Discuss how to handle the emergency.. Teaching Key Points: 1. Master some words and phrases about danger and safety. 2. Enable the students to recognize the safety signs. 3. Improve the students? ability of oral English. Teaching Difficult Points: 1. Be familiar with some phrases about danger and safety. 2. Use proper words to express themselves. Teaching Methods: 1. Brain storming 2. Group discussion: What can you do in case of emergencies, such as robbery, fire earthquake, nose bleeding, broken arm and so on? 1. Multimedia 2. Blackboard Teaching Procedures: Step Ⅰ Greetings Greet the whole class as usual. Step Ⅱ Leading-in Show some pictures about safety signs and then let the students speak out the meaning of each picture. School around! Keep your file safe! Slippery floor!Wash your hands! Step Ⅲ List the words and phrases that are related to “danger and safety”. For example: 慢我不知道他们如何处理这个问题。 He is easy to deal with. ,后面常接宾语补足语 : 向某人求助 8. free of charge: 免费 The worker get medical service free of charge. 工人们得到了免费医疗。 Could I have this sample free of charge? 我能免费要这个样品吗? The book will be sent free of charge. 这本书将免费赠送。 for free不需要付钱的;免费的 free of charge免费,二者在用法上没有区别,都可做形容词也可做副词。只不过是for free是一俚语。 9. be familiar with: 对…熟悉 人做主语时用with,物做主时用to I'm familiar with the computer. The computer is familiar to me. 10. on the spot: 在现场 11. rob sb of sth: 抢劫某人某物 He robbed me of a ring.他从我身上抢走了一枚戒指. Step Ⅳ Useful Expressions Asking about Help Could you help me/give me a hand/ Do me a favor? Would you mind helping me out? 篇三:中职英语 基础模块1 教学设1 中职英语 基础模块1 教学设计(教案、学案)Unit 6


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