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9 分雅思大作文范文合集 作者:英国雅思前考官Simon 人送外号“雅思白求恩” 目录 0. a little secret about my essay 3 1. foreign films 4 2. foreign tourists 5 3. independence6 4. salary 7 5. animal testing 8 6. artists 9 7. unpaid work10 8. music 11 9. video games 12 10. life expectancy 13 11. help 14 12. technology 15 13. hobbies 16 14. equality 17 15. gender and university18 16. museums 19 17. 读书与工作20 18. minority languages 21 19. 人与环境22 20. Happiness 23 21. wild animals 24 22. Road Safety 25 0. a little secret about my essay ——13 句原则 It surprises some people when I tell them that they only need to write 13 sentences for writing task 2: Introduction(开头段): 2 句 First main body paragraph(主体段1): 5 句 Second main body paragraph(主体段2): 5 句 Conclusion(结尾): 1 句 Please note: It is not a 'rule' that you must write 13 sentences. This is just my approach or method. 1. foreign films 题目: Many people prefer to watch foreign films rather than locally produced films. Why could this be? Should governments give more financial support to local film industries? 范文: It is true that foreign films are more popular in many countries than domestically produced films. There could be several reasons why this is the case, and I believe that governments should promote local film-making by subsidising the industry. There are various reasons why many people find foreign films more enjoyable than the films produced in their own countries. Firstly, the established film industries in certain countries have huge budgets for action, special effects and to shoot scenes in spectacular locations. Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Avatar’ or the James Bond films are examples