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书面表达系列讲练 之 赢取高分策略 巍山一中 xx ;NMET对书面表达的要求;NMET书面表达评分原则;内 容;语言地道,规范;3、拼写和标点是语言准确性的一个方面,评分时,应视其对交际的影响程度予以考虑。;4、词数少于80和多于120的,从总分中减去2分。;词汇,句型 (高级)和语法多样化(较复杂);书面表达如何写?;;;1. Because the weather was good, our journey was comfortable. 2.We all think he is a great man. 3.Suddenly I thought out a good idea. 4.The students there needn’t pay for their books. 5. As a result the plan was a failure.;6. When she heard he had died, she went pale with sorrow. 7. She went to Austria in order to study music. 8. When he spoke, he felt more and more excited. 9.In our school, there are twenty-six classrooms. 10.You can find my house easily. ;丰富的句式:(常用到的句型结构) 利用不同的句型来表达同一个意思, 能增加文章的文采。;3、? 倒装句 e.g. Only in this way can you solve this problem. There comes the police car. Hardly had they got to the station when they met the young man. 4、? 省略句 e.g. They read while walking or riding on a bus. Come to me if necessary. 5、? with短语 e.g. I saw a young lady walking slowly in the street with a handbag in her hand.;6、? 定语从句 e.g. In my opinion, cyber cafes should be a place where we can find much useful information. Let’s come to the main teaching building, at the back of which stands the school library. 7、? 各种名词性从句 e.g. That’s what I should do. We should do a favour to whoever needs help at present. ;8、? 各种状语从句 e.g. Time passed quickly before we knew it. The moment we reached the farm, we got down to harvesting. So long as we work harder at our lessons, we’ll catch up sooner or later. Do call me before


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