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Test for New Concept English (Book 2) From Lesson 1—Lesson 10 一 选择。(30分) 1. He made a big decision. He ______. A .thought about it B. made up his mind C. changed his mind D. made a wish 2. He didn’t write a single card. So he __________. A wrote only one B. didn’t write even one C.wrote just one D. wrote all the cards except one 3. On the last day he made a big decision. It was the ______ day of his holiday. A final B end C. latest D bottom 4. The waiter lent him a book. He _______ a book from the waiter. A lent B borrowed C took D stole 5. Tim is in Australia. How long _______ there? A is he B has he been C has he D was he 6. Mr. Scott can’t get a telephone. Telephones are hard to_______ A. take B. Receive C. obtain D. find 7. He has sent requests for spare parts. He has _____ spare parts. A. asked B. asked for C. begged D. pleased 8. He has visited a great number of different places. He has not stayed in_______ place. A. the only B. a similar C. the same D. alike 9. He has just gone to Alice Springs. He has never______ there before. A. went B. being C. been D. was 10. Mr. Tim can not get a telephone for his garage. _______he has just bought twelve pigeons. A. That’s so B. That’s why C. Because D. For 11. What’s the distance from Pinhurst to Silbury? How ____ is Pinhurst ____ Silbury? A.long ago... till B. long... away C. Away... till D.far...from 12. Urgent messages are important, so they must be sent ____ . A. quickly B. slowly C.by hand D. largely 13. Mr. Button’s telephone service is private. It is ____ . A. general B. spare C. secret D. his own 14. She gave____ A. to him a meal B. a meal for him C. him to a meal D. a meal to him 15. Everyone knows him. ____ know him. A. They all B. Each C. Every D. All they


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