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高考英语一轮复习Unit3AtasteofEnglishhumour单元知识检测课件新人教版必修4.ppt 13页

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单元知识检测 教材回扣 Ⅰ.用本单元所学短语完成句子 1.The house      easily         (被认出) from the rest; it has a large blue door.? 2.The poor farmers are badly off for blankets,and even     (更缺 少)food.? 3.The film actor           (主演)many films during his lifetime. 答案:1.is;picked out 2.worse off for 3.starred in 4.The scientist               (对……满足)what he has achieved. 5.Eventually,I              (信服) going by air rather than train. 答案:4.is content with 5.was convinced of Ⅱ.课文缩写填空   Charlie Chaplin,born in a poor family,showed an 1.     (astonish) talent as a performer as soon as he could walk.2.    (unfortunate) his father died early,leaving the family even 3.     (badly) off.In his teens,he could act the fool doing ordinary everyday tasks,whom no one was ever 4.     (bore) watching.Later on,Charlie 5.    (direct),produced and starred in a series of funny movies,which made people 6.     (laugh) at a time when they felt 7.      (depress), so they could feel more content with their lives.The tramp,who was a poor,8.     . (home) man with a moustache,wore large trousers,worn-out shoes and 9.     small round black hat,was one of the most outstanding parts 10.     he had ever played.? 答案:1.astonishing 2.Unfortunately 3.worse 4.bored 5.directed 6.laugh 7.depressed 8.homeless 9.a 10.that 语境活用 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.He was playing idly on the piano and found it easy      (pick) out tunes.(2017江苏,完形填空)? 2.The teacher gave us detailed      (explain) about the maths problem.? 3.The policeman stood in the middle of the road,     (direct) the traffic.? 答案:1.to pick 2.explanation 3.directing 4.According to my own understanding,a good teacher is also a good      (perform) in class.? 5.The most       (convince) evidence of black holes comes from research into star systems.? 6.Tom       (slide) out of the classroom without being noticed.? 7.   (fortunate) he made a fortune in Shenzhen as a businessman. 答案:4.performer 5.convincing 6.slid 7.Fortunately


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