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Scanning Time __________________ Place _________ Characters: Henry Adams __________________________ 2) Roderick 3) Oliver _________________________ Servant What happened? A. Henry walked in London streets. B. About a month ago, Henry Adams was sailing out of the bay. C. The next morning he was spotted by a ship. D. Towards nightfall he found himself carried out to sea by a strong wind. E. On the ship he earned his passage by working as an unpaid hand. 善良的 热心的 粗心的 诚实的 勤劳的 友好的 * Mark Twain Warming up Mark Twain ▲ American short story writer ▲ a famous public speaker ▲ liked to tell funny stories ▲ liked to play jokes on his friends ▲ Humorist ▲ American best known literary figure (文学巨人) Mark Twain’s famous works good at writing about children’s adventures 1876 1881 The Innocents Abroad The Guilded Age * Do you want to know more about Mark Twain? Imagine that somebody gives you a large amount of money to use as you like. What will you do with it ? Discussion Buy a house Travel around the world What will you do with the money? … What is the style of this text? narration(记叙文) B. an exposition(说明文) C. An argumentation (议论文) D. a drama(戏剧) ACT 1 SCENE The summer of 1903 London A lost American businessman Two rich brothers Henry was given a letter with money in it by the two brothers and was asked not to open it until 2 o’clock Two rich gentlemen made a bet on what would happen to a penniless person if he was given a million pound note. Henry, the hero of the story, an American businessman, carried out to the ocean. A British ship, for London, passing by, fortunately saved him. Roderick Oliver Henry A month ago Henry was ______ out of the bay. Towards nightfall Henry found himself _______ out to sea by a strong wind. The next morning Henry was ________ by a ship. Lastly Henry arrived in ________ by working on the ship unpaid. sailing carried spotted London Now Henry was __


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