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二手房中介服务营销模式在重庆大陆洋房地产公司的应用研究.doc 53页

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重庆大学硕士学位论文 英文摘要 PAGE II 重庆大学 硕士学位论文 手房中介服务营销模式在重庆大陆洋房地产公司的应用研究 姓名:王勇 申请学位级别:硕士 专业:工商管理 导教师:曹国华ABSTRACT At present, our real estate industry has entered a new round of development. By reason of the enforcement of housing reform policy, the housing demands of various kinds and the drop in taxes, the real estate subsidiary market appears brisker than ever. The competition between second-hand housing intermediary service enterprises has become increasingly intense. In order to improve the management of real estate intermediary services and to increase their market share, first, we should innovate in the management mode, particularly in the marketing mode. Because the present corporate VMS mode, the contractual VMS mode and the imitation-study VMS mode all have some problems in cost-control, human resource management, employee-training and service quality, this paper, on the basic of the theory of services marketing and considering the present conditions of intermediary service enterprises, discusses the relationships between the employee-training, team structure, management mode and marketing mode. It presents the concepts of management mode and marketing mode of second-hand housing intermediary services, on which marketing system mode is established. Also, it provides relevant methods for further investigation. This paper summarizes the service marketing model for agency service companies by comparing and analyzing the present models, combining service marketing theory at first, then studies its application in DaLuYangFang Real Estate Company to get its marketing strategy and marketing combination strategy. It also expects to supply some new thought for some agency service companies. This paper is comprised of three main parts: The first part introduces the situation of the resource of the Second-hand in Chongqing, and the problems existed in Second-hand agency service companies; The second part analyzes and compared some outstanding operation models of Sec


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