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American Romanticism 名词解释: Romanticism(浪漫主义):It refer to the literature in the Romantic period,which intends from the end of the 18th century to the outbreak of the Civil War.It’s characterized by a rejection of formal classical literature.It emphasizes sentiment over reason and views art as essentially an expression of the artist’s thoughts and feeling.The themes included “home,family and children,nature and idealized love,”but the writers exhibited an apparent apathy(冷漠) to the major problems of American life. Transcendentalism(超越论,先验论):it,also regarded as philosophical romanticism,reached America a generation or two after it developed in Europe.It was based on the doctrine of ancient and modern European philosophers.It emphasis on spirit or the Over Soul,as the important thing in universe,and also om the importance of the individual.It was a reaction against dehumanization that came in the wake of developing capitalism.It took on special significance in America in the mid-19th century. 主要作家:8个 Herman Melville(1819-1891) : Experience: Melville’s childhood was happy to the age of eleventh when his father died in debt. He had little education and began to work early. three things deserves mention:His experience and adventures on the sea stood him in rich stead; he had to write for money To support his wife; he and Hawthorne met He wrote glosses and commentaries as he raced through the volumes that came his way Works : 1.The first three drew from his adventures among the people of the south pacific islands, suh as:Typee Omoo Mardi 2.t is regarded as one of the world’s greatest masterpieces. To get to know the 19th century American mind and American itselfMoby Dick 3 Later he wrote some other books like The Confidence Man and Billy Budd which he left in manuscript at time of his death. Character: 1.Melville lies in the fact that he was unwilling to sacrifice his insight and artistic standards to cater to popular feeling and demand. 2.His discover


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