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2018届高考英语语法填空专题复习(共40张PPT).ppt 41页

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有提示词试题 纯空格题 语法填空 根据词法 根据句法 代词 冠词 介词 连词 并列连词 从属连词 形式主语句型 动词 谓语 非谓语 时态、语态、第三人称单数 doing, done, to do 填 变 名词 单复数,变其他词性 互相转换形式,比较级、最高级 形容词/副词 强调句型 it it/that Let's practise. A motto is a sentence or a phrase ________1 can inspire us especially when we are _________2 (face) with difficulties. Many of us have our mottoes,such as “Where there is a will,there is a way.” or “Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it.” and so on. My motto is “God helps those who help __________3.” Sometimes I am lazy and don’t want to make efforts ___________4(work) hard, __________5 the moment I think of my motto I will be ___________6 (energy) again and devote myself that/which faced themselves to work but enegetic to what I am doing. I write my motto ________7 I can see it easily. Every time I fail in my exam and begin to lose heart,the sight of my motto inspires me with much _________8 (confident). My motto also makes me become a/an___________9 (depend) person. That is to say,I won’t rely on others easily. My friends,what is your motto?If you still haven’t got a motto,please choose _________10 because a motto can have a great effect on you. independent where confidence one 课堂 知识巩固 课堂 知识巩固 课堂 知识巩固 《优化设计 》 Page 69 exercise 1~4 Success ahead! Thank you ! 知识回顾Knowledge Review 高考题型分析及解题技巧 语 法 填 空 英语组 熊梦雨 分析句子结构或分析语义, 确定所填词汇 解题三步走 通读全文,理解大意 确定固定搭配, 使句子前后连贯 一读 二填 三检查 语法是否正确,逻辑是否合理 * -*- 真题体验 考点突破 精准特训 (2016·全国高考丙) In much of Asia,especially the so-called “rice bowl” cultures of China,Japan,Korea,1.and Vietnam,food is usually eaten with chopsticks. Chopsticks are usually two long,thin pieces of wood or bamboo.They can also be made of plastic,animal bone or metal.Sometimes chopsticks are quite artistic.Truly elegant chopsticks might 2.be made(make) of gold and silver with Chinese characters.Skilled workers also combine various hardwoods and metal 3.to create(create)special designs.? 解析 谓语动词 连词 非谓语动词 * -*- 真题体验 考点突破


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