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Essay写作范文—体育赞助的成效 “很少有营销平台能与体育赞助提供的品牌建设机会相媲美,并能保证在印刷、广播和新媒体上得到曝光。在高度情绪化的体育界,观众把赞助看作是对他们非常依恋的事物的支持。2004年欧洲杯的每场足球赛平均有超过1.5亿观众观看,其中2.73亿人收看决赛,而在英国,最高的观众人数是2,070万。大陆研究开展的最近的一项研究发现,45%的英国成年人同意声明“我有机会避免电视广告尽我所能”。(埃文斯,2006)尽管如此,事实上,消费者支出越来越少耗时的传统媒体,埃文斯(2006)报道,懒惰的营销人员仍吸走大部分的预算电视和杂志。然而,聪明的广告商正在设计与目标受众互动的新方式。 Introduction Essay writing service on ,“Few marketing platforms can match the brand building opportunities offered by sports sponsorships, with the guarantee of exposure in print,broadcast and new media.In the highly emotive world of sport,the audience sees sponsorship as support for something to which they feel great attachment.An average of more than 150 million viewers watched each football match in Euro 2004,with 273 million people tuning in for the final,and in the UK,the highest audience was 20.7 million.”(Margraff,2005)However,advertising avoidance in the UK is now reaching terminal proportions.A recent study conducted by Continental Research found that 45%of UK adults agree with the statement“Given the chance I avoid TV ads as much as I can”..(Evans,2006)Despite this,and the fact that consumers are spending less and less time consuming traditional media,Evans(2006)reports that lazy marketers still siphon off the majority of their budget to TV and magazines.Smarter advertisers, however,are devising new ways to interact with their target audience. As a result the main feature of the course of the year will undoubtedly be in June,where the World Cup will break all sponsorship records,and will be the showcase for brands to interact with their consumers like never before.Brands will attempt to emulate Pringles,which partnered Yahoo! Sport’s coverage during Euro 2004 to build awareness around its‘dream team’concept.(Evans,2006)For sponsors,such viewing figures underline why it is so important to be associated with football tournaments and indeed any sports tournaments of magnitude.As a result,Cornwell et al (2005)have concluded that sponsorship of sports tournaments


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