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(山东专用)2020届高考英语一轮复习专题六完形填空课件.pptx 404页

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专题六 完形填空;A组????山东省卷、课标Ⅰ卷题组 Group 1 Cloze 1(2019课标全国Ⅰ)词数:227 Every year about 40,000 people attempt to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. They 1????with them lots of waste. The 2????might damage the beauty of the place. The glaciers (冰川)are disappearing, changing the 3????of Kilimanjaro. Hearing these stories, I'm 4????about the place—other destinations are described as “purer” natural experiences. However, I soon 5????that much has changed since the days of disturbing reports of 6????among tons of rubbish. I find a 7????mountain, with toilets at camps and along the paths. The environmen- tal challenges are 8????but the efforts made by the Tanzania National Park Authority seem to be????9????. The best of a Kilimanjaro 10????, in my opinion, isn't reaching the top. Mountains are  11????as spiritual places by many cultures. This??12????is especially evident on Kilimanjaro as 13????go;through five ecosystems(生态系统)in the space of a few kilometers. At the base is a rainforest. It ends abruptly at 3,000 meters, 14????lands of low growing plants. Further up, the weather 15???? —low clouds envelop the mountainsides, which are covered with thick grass. I 16????twelve shades of green from where I stand. Above 4,000 meters is the highland 17????:gravel(砾石), stones and rocks. 18????you climb into an arctic-like zone with 19????snow and the glaciers that may soon disappear. Does Kilimanjaro 20????its reputation as a crowded mountain with lines of tourists ruining the at- mosphere of peace?I found the opposite to be true. 1.A.keep  B.mix  C.connect  D.bring 2.A.stories  B.buildings  C.crowds  D.reporters 3.A.position  B.age  C.face  D.name 4.A.silent  B.skeptical  C.serious  D.crazy 5.A.discover  B.argue  C.decide  D.advocate 6.A.equipment  B.grass  C.camps  D.stones 7.A.remote  B.quiet  C.tall  D.clean 8.A.new  B.special  C.significant  D.necessary;9.A.paying off  B.spreading out C.blowing up  D.fading away 10.A.atmosphere  B.experience  C.experiment  D.sig


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