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(山东专用)2020届高考英语一轮复习专题十六并列连词、复合句及特殊句式课件.pptx 83页

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专题十六 并列连词、复合句及特殊句式; A组????2017—2019年高考模拟·考点基础题组 题组一 并列连词;3.(2019北京东城二模,10)It's an organization that introduces solar cookers to developing coun- tries   ???? teaches people how to use them.;题组二 定语从句 1.(2019山东泰安英雄山中学期中,69)It may be a place   ???? easy transportation connections can be made to nearby attractions. ;3.(2019山东邹城质检,62)According to the World Hunger Education Service, recently the per- centage of people  ???? cannot get enough food chronically(长期地)has reduced from 34% to 1 5%.;5.(2019山东高三三模,66)The system,  ????can be the most advanced in many ways, will be the largest earthquake observation network in the world. ;题组三 名词性从句 1.(2019山东临沂兰陵东苑高级中学检测,69)He was not looking for others' smiles, or worrying about   ????someone was watching or not. ;3.(2019北京朝阳一模,5)Seeing this, some trainers teach the elephants   ???? they can hold paintbrushes, and encourage them to choose colors and paints.;题组四 状语从句 1.(2019浙江衢州高三模拟,57)In middle school, he was really good at science and math.   ???? most kids were going to the movies on weekends, George preferred to design his own special pro- jects. ;题组五 特殊句式 1.(2019山东邹城二中模拟,68)It wasn't   ????1706 that Thomas Twining founded the world's first dry tea and coffee shop in London.;B组????2017—2019年高考模拟·专题综合题组 题组一 并列连词;3.(2019北京朝阳期末,9)The work is dangerous,   ???? they love being able to jump out of planes, fight fires, and live in the forest. ;5.(2019浙江嘉兴5月模拟,61)In my home country, I am not considered beautiful,   ???? when I went to Europe I got a lot of attention.;题组二 定语从句 1.(2019 山东济南4月二模,70)Besides routine university courses, she also organizes nonprofit pa- per-cutting activities   ???? are open to the public in Beijing to promote basic knowledge of paper -cutting.;3.(2019山东安丘市、诸城市、五莲县、兰山区4月模拟,67)Qian lived in Shanghai from 1941 to 1945,   ???? was then under Japanese occupation. ;5.(2019北京石景???期末,8)In the past six months he has made nine trips,   ???? purpose is to at- tend meetings and make presentations.;题组三 名词性从句 1.(20


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