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Chapter 13 Renewable Common-Property Resources: Fisheries And Other Species 13.1 Introduction Main contents: Defining what is meant by an efficient allocation of the catch from a fishery. Examining how the market allocates this common-property resource and the past and potential roles for public policies in quest for efficient and sustainable management. Showing how the basic analytical principles of fisheries management could be used for the management of other biological population. 13.2 Efficient Allocations 13.2.1 Biological Dimension 13.2.2 Static Efficient Sustainable Yield 13.2.3 Dynamic Efficient Sustainable Yield 13.2.1 Biological Dimension The biological model posits a particular average relationship between the growth of the fish population and the size of the fish population. Figure 13.1 13.2.1 Biological Dimension The natural equilibrium is the population size which would persist in the absence of outside influences. The minimum viable population represents the level of population below which growth in population is negative. A sustainable yield represents the catch level which equals the growth rate of the population. 13.2.1 Biological Dimension The maximum sustainable yield is defined as that population size which yields the maximum growth;hence the maximum sustainable yield is equal to this maximum growth and it represents the largest catch that can be perpetually sustained. 13.2.2 Static Efficient Sustainable Yield Is the maximum sustainable yield synonymous with efficiency? The answer is no. Efficiency is associated with maximizing the net benefit from the use of resource. If we are to define the efficient allocation, we must include the costs of harvesting as well as the benefits. Figure 13.2 13.2.3 Dynamic Efficient Sustainable Yield When positive discount rates are introduced, the efficient level of effort would be increased beyond that suggested by the static efficient sustained yield with a corresponding decrease in the equilibrium population


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