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必修一课文概要写作 Unit1 The passage is mainly about Anne's best friend---her diary.(要点1) Because Anne's family was Jewish, they had to hide away for nearly 25 months during World War II, when she made her diary her best friend whom she could tell everything to.(要点2) During that time Anne couldn't go outdoors so she had to enjoy nature at night secretly.(要点3) She was so crazy about everything to do with nature that she thought it was necessary to really experience nature.(要点4) Unit2 Originally, English was only spoken in England, but with the British conquest of other countries, English began to be spoken in many other countries.(要点1) Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don't speak the same kind of English.(要点2) English has changed over time when cultures meet and communicate with each other (要点3) Today English is the most widely used language and is also spoken as a foreign language or second language in Africa and Asia.(要点4) Unit3 Wang Kun and Wang Wei had dreamed about taking a great bike trip ever since middle school.(要点1) After college graduation, they planned to realize their dream by cycling along the Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends.(要点2) Before starting, they made a detailed schedule for the trip.(要点3) They also went to the library and found a large atlas to know more geographical information of the river.(要点4) Unit4 At 3: 42 am on July 28, 1976, one of the greatest earthquakes of the 20th century shook Tangshan, Hebei Province.(要点1) Before the earthquake, there were a lot of strange things happening in the countryside.(要点2) When the earthquake happened, it looked as if the whole world came to an end and nearly everything was completely destroyed.(要点3) Luckily, soon after the earthquake many soldiers arrived and slowly the city came to life again.(要点4) Unit5 Elias, a poor black worker in South Africa, worried about his future before he met Nelson Mandela.(要点1) After Nelson Mandela helped him, he was more confident about i


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