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留学生Essay写作—增强卫生和社会保健服务用户的能力.docx 11页

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留学生论文专业定制代写网站 专业提供留学生各类 essay 定制写作服务 留学生Essay写作—增强卫生和社会保健服务用户的能力 在保健和社会保健服务中,增强服务使用者的能力是必须满足的基本需要之一。赋予服务使用者权力可以确保他们能够在接受护理的同时管理好自己 Introduction In health and social care services,empowering the service users is one of the essential needs required to be fulfilled.Empowering the service users can ensure that they are able to govern their own selves while receiving care.It is the right of the service users to have maximum participation while deciding upon the services they may receive. Empowering them can enhance their independence leading to more active participation.Hence,this assignment deals with the multiple aspects relating to the empowerment of the service users.The effectiveness of the same and the steps that are needed to be followed to empower the service users have been explained in the four sections of the assignment. Task 1:Empowerment AC 1.1 Explain how current legislation and sector skills standards influence organisational policies and practices for promoting and maximising the rights of users of health and social care services. There are certain individual rights that any care-user holds in any healthcare organisation.These individual rights are protected with appropriate legislative intervention.Some of the major rights that the individuals may possess are being able to stay in a safe and healthy environment that can enhance their recovery process,leading a healthy lifestyle,being able to overcome the communication barriers and their individual privacy and dignity is maintained properly(Househ,et al.2014, p.55).In addition to this,it is also compulsory to ensure that any kind of discrimination within the organisation is avoided.It can be said that if these rights are given proper consideration,it will be easier to ensure that their participation in the care process is more and they are able to gain more confidence. Hence,a standard organisational policy has been drafted by the organisation that incorporates suitable legislation and skill standar


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