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2019~2020学年高中英语必修五Unit5 First aid 训练卷(一)考试版.doc 7页

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此卷只装订不密封班级 姓名 此卷只装订不密封 班级 姓名 准考证号 考场号 座位号 必修五 Unit5 First aid 英 语 (一) (本卷满分100分) 一、单词拼写(每小题1.5分,共15分) 1.Let's go now. The smell in the room is almost ________ (难以忍受的). 2.I ________ (压榨) the juice from an apple and then drank it. 3.The accident was caused after she put a pan of water on the gas ________ (炉子) and left without turning it off. 4.The ears are the sense ________ (器官) and so are the eyes. 5.There was an accident on the road last night but there was no ________ (伤害) reported according to the latest news. 6.As we all know, first ________ (帮助) is of great use when someone is hurt. 7.They just reached a ________ (临时的) agreement after discussing the problem for a whole day. 8.Generally, people expect to call their doctor's office and get an emergency appointment if someone has a high fever or other types of physical ________ (症状). 9.We will know how to do first aid to those who are ________ (流血) after learning this unit. 10.It was a ________ (复杂的) problem, so we must treat it seriously. 二、选词填空(每小题1.5分,共15分) knock over;catch fire;prevent ... from ...;get injured;a variety of; squeeze out;over and over again;in place;fall ill;stick to 11.Thinking that the petrol in the car would ________, they ran to the damaged car and pulled Tom out of it. 12.Don't take off your coat, or you may ________ in such cold weather. 13.It's very hot in the room, so I can feel my shirt ________ my back. 14.The weak vision ________ him ________ focusing accurately. 15.He took off his wet clothes and ________ the water in them. 16.Don't tell the story ________; we have all known it. 17.I ________ my cup when I was cleaning my table and my keyboard was destroyed. 18.After reading this novel, please put it ________. 19.Three people were killed and five ________ in the crash. 20.Make sure that as you go from interview to interview, you are getting ________ answers. 三、完成句子(每小题3分,共15分) 21.Work hard ______


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