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人教九年级Unit3 Section B(2a-2d) Reading课件.pptx 51页

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Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?;;Mom, can you help me with my homework?; Could you please ...? When you visit a foreign country, it is important to know how to ask for help politely. For example, you may ask “Where are the restrooms?” or “Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?” These are similar requests for directions . Both are correct , but the first one sounds less polite. That is because it is a very direct question. It is not enough to just ask a question correctly. We also need to learn how to be polite when we ask for help. ;Good speakers change the way they speak in different situations. The expressions they use might depend on whom they are speaking to or how well they know each other well. It is all right to ask direct questions to your classmates because you know them well. However, if you say to your teacher, “When is the school trip?”, this might sound impolite. But if you say, “Excuse me, Mr. West. Do you know when the school trip is?”, this will sound much more polite.; Usually polite questions are longer. They include expressions such as “Could you please ...?” or “May I ask ...?” It sounds more polite to say, “Peter, could you please tell me your e-mail address?” than “Peter, tell me your e-mail address.” Sometimes we even need to spend time leading in to a request. For example, we might first say to a stranger, “Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me” or “I’m sorry to trouble you, but ...” before asking for help. .;It might seem more difficult to speak politely than directly. However, it is important to learn how to use the right language in different situations. This will help you communicate better with other people;What else do we need to learn besides asking a question correctly when you ask for help?;What do you need to think about when you talk to different people?;What can lead into a request with a stranger on the street?; Find the direct questio


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