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杨浦区2019年初三第二学期英语试卷答案(一).doc.pdf 91页

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谢谢你的关注 杨浦区 2019 年初三第二学期英语试卷答案(一) Part 1 A. Listen and choose the right picture ( 根据你听到的内容,选出相应的图片 ) 1. Do you know which bin the batteries should goin? (E) 2. I heard that Joe is really a good guitar player. (H) 3. The music is starting to give him a headache. (A) 4. Regular exercise can help kids build strong bones. (F) 5. Be careful with the chemicals when doing the experiment. (D) 6. The island country has been named top destination for 2019. (C) B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear ( 根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案 ) 7. M: It ’s finally not raining on the weekend. What do you want to do today? W: Maybe we could just stay in and play games. M: Why? It ’s so sunny! We should go to the park and have a picnic. Q: How is the weather today? (C) 8. W: Sir, how may I help you? M: I ’m looking for a pair of leather shoes. W: This section has new arrivals and that has shoes on sale. Q: Who are the two speakers? (C) 谢谢你的关注 谢谢你的关注 9 . W: I ’m so tired! Shopping is fun, but I think I need some drink now. Shall we go to that caf next to the library?é M: I ’m sorry, I have to go home. I must cook dinner today! Q: What does the woman suggest? (A) 10. W: Our guide should be arriving any minute now. M: What? I thought Kitty was coming to show us around the city. W : She couldn ’t make it, so she arranged for her cousin to help out. Q: Who are they waiting for? (B) 11. W: I see you ’vebroken your leg. Did you have an accident with your motorcycle? M: Well, not exactly. I was driving my new car


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