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FLUENT培训教材01简介.PPT 24页

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A Pera Global Company ? PERA China A Pera Global Company ? PERA China This background page is to introduce the concept of FVM to the user. We will assume that the majority of users will be relatively new to CFD. This page allows us to introduce the concept of spatial discretization and equation discretization which leads into the next slide that summarizes the steps involved in cfd analysis- meshing and solving. Turbulence models: Spalart-Allmaras k-e, RNG k-e, Realizable k-e Non-equilibrium wall functions; compressibility and transpiration effects Two-layer/zonal models Low-Re models Suite of damping function models V2F model k-w (Wilcox, SST) – FLUENT 6 Reynolds Stress Model (RSM) – (LRR, SSG) Large Eddy Simulation (LES) Heat transfer Conduction, Convection, Radiation Multiphase and free surface models Discrete Phase, VOF, ASM; Eulerian (multifluid) models in FLUENT 6 Porous media and lumped parameter models Fan, heat exchangers, porous jump, porous media Multiple reference frames, sliding mesh and mixing plane model Inviscid, laminar or turbulent This slide and the next introduce a summary of all models available in fluent. I don’t think it is necessary to give examples of each model in particular, but to generalize by stating that reacting flows and multiple phase flows can be studied. ‘Can fluent do this…?’ type questions should be deferred to 1) after lecture discussion, 2) tutorial, or 3) ask an expert. If we don’t take this approach, this lecture could go on for a very long time. The demo should include a very quick gambit session. This session will involve the import of a database file, the setting of boundary zone names, and the export of a mesh. We do not want to give the trainees enough knowledge at this point on how to generate geometry or mesh. The purpose of this step is to provide a connection between the names of the boundaries assigned in gambit to the names of the boundaries in fluent. Discuss items 2 and 3 on the previous slide wh


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