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初中英语八年级上册典中点习题Period 2 Section A (Grammar Focus-3c).ppt 50页

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一、单项选择 The superstar is pretty satisfied(满意的)with the ______ of the restaurant. A. balance B. ticket C. service D. importance √ 【点拨】用关键词法。关键词restaurant关联service。 2. —How about your life in the US? —My life is ______ good here. A. such B. pretty C. less D. more √ 3. —What do you think of your junior high school life? —I think it is one of ______ periods in my life. 【2018·云南】 A. wonderful B. more wonderful C. much wonderful D. the most wonderful √ 4. Everyone should play a ______ in making our city more beautiful. A. role B. joke C. party D. service √ 5. We usually have a seven ______ holiday every National Day. 【2018·盘锦】 A. days B. day’ C. day’s D. days’ √ 二、用所给词的适当形式填空 6. John’s mother was angry, because he did ______ (bad) in his class. worst  7. I like the _______ (song) written by Jay Chou. They always make me feel the beauty of Chinese culture. songs 8. The _______ (screen) make the movies more interesting. screens  9. I think the program Keep Running is the ______________ (interesting). I like to watch it. most interesting 10. —How do you feel today? —I feel even ______ (good). better 三、语法专练 改写同义句,每空一词 11. He is taller than his two brothers. He is ______ ______ ______the three brothers. the tallest of 12. My favorite subject is English. I like English ______ ______ ______ the subjects. best of all 13. This hotel is more popular than the others. This hotel is _______ _______ _______of all. the most popular 14. He is smarter than any other student in the club. He is _______ _______ student in the club. the smartest 15. The red coat isn’t so beautiful as the green one. The green coat is _______ _______ _______ the red one. more beautiful than 四、根据所给提示完成句子 16. I often eat food in this restaurant because it has good _______ (服务). service  17. Gina likes wearing a red skirt, because it looks _______ (相当)beautiful on her. pretty  18. —Who c


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