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(原电视大学)英语Ⅱ(2)-第三次记分作业答案解析资料大全.doc 41页

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#+ 一、单选题 1、Have?a?nice?holiday,?Ted. A.Yes, you’re right B.That’s all right C.Thank you, and you too D.Good idea 2、Sam,?this?is?my?friend,?Jane. A.I’m Jack B.Glad to meet you, Jane C.Glad to meet you, Sam D.Very well, thank you 3、Mary?said?to?me,?“If?I?had?seen?your?bag,?I?________?it?to?you.” A.will return B.would have returned C.could return D.must return 4、If?he?____________,?he?____________?that?food.?--?Luckily?he?was?sent?to?the?hospital?immediately. A.was warned; would not take B.had been warned; would not have taken C.would be warned; had not taken D.would have been warned; had not taken 5、These?new?processes?_____________. A.should be controlled B.should control C.should be controlling D.should controlled 6、You?had?better?_____________?an?umbrella?with?you. A.- B.to take C.take D.taking 7、What’s?the?fare?to?the?museum? A.Five hours B.Five o’clock C.Five miles D.Five dollars 8、I?wish?you?success?in?your?career. A.You are welcome B.I think so C.Yes, please D.The same to you 9、Robert?is?said?__________?abroad,?but?I?don’t?know?what?country?he?studied?in. A.to have been studying B.to study C.to be studying D.to be studied 10、Could?I?talk?to?Prof.?Lee? A.Yes, speaking B.Oh, it’s you C.I’m waiting for you D.I am the operator here 11、Since?this?road?is?wet?and?slippery?this?morning,?it?__________?last?night. A.must rain B. B.was raining C.must have rained D. D.may rain 12、I’ve?got?a?bad?cold?today. A.Thank you for telling me B.Oh, dear! I hope you get better soon C.It isn’t serious D.It’ll be better soon 13、What’s?the?matter?with?you? A.It matters with you B.Not too bad C.I feel a bit sick D.That’s right 14、Could?you?tell?me?________? A.how long you live here B.how long have you lived here C.how long you have lived here D.how long did you live here 15、You?will?get?used?to?________?here?when?you?have?settled?down. A.living B.live C.lives D.lived 16、If?the?weather?had?been?good,?the?children?________?out?for?a?walk. A.had gone B.would go C.could have gone D.went 17


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