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/ 专业留学生论文作业代写网站 / 专业提供留学生essay代写服务 Essay写作—Islamic银行体系的原则 Literature review Introduction: At the branch level,there is no delineation over Islamic and conventional transactions.Each branch officer is expected to deal with both systems.Islamic and conventional transactions share the share computers and automated teller machines(ATMs)facilities.To some extent,overhead expenses on wages/salaries,office equipment and furniture etc.can be accounted for at the bank’s headquarter,but not at the branch level.The same applies to security systems,land and office premises as these cannot be divided into the Islamic and conventional individual components(Rosley,2003). The thrust of the Islamic financial policy in 2004 will continue to be directed at further strengthening the fundamental essence for progressive Islamic banking industry.The Central Bank is focusing on strengthening the institutional infrastructure,enhancing the regulatory framework,strengthening the Shariah and legal infrastructure as well as enhancing intellectual capital development and consumer education.In 2003,the Central Bank of Malaysia brought forward liberalization in Islamic banking to allow three full-fledged foreign Islamic banks to be set-up in Malaysia. The principles of Islamic banking system: The definition of GEHRAR,MAYSAR AND RIBA Islamic financing approaches were formulated primary according to basic regulations that meet the sharia principles. The focus here was on the most popular Islamic financing approaches implemented by the financial institutions and the Islamic banks. The basic means take the following forms: Mudarabah(Brokerage):funds will be in the provision of partial equity. Musharkah:which means the full equity through partnership. Murabaha:A method used for providing money to buy goods or services. Bai Muajjall(Postponed sale)–Postponed payments for the products or the services. Bai Salam(Peace Sale)–Takes the form contracts for sale that made in advance. Tasnee-Istisna


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